Our Aim

The aim of the Department is to teach Mathematics in a meaningful context whilst providing opportunities for pupils to use their skills creatively through problem solving and investigation.

Each teacher in the department endeavours to provide a variety of experiences and activities wherever possible. It is believed that actively involving pupils in their learning will help them to develop the independent thinking and informed planning which will ultimately lead to success on the IB Diploma or Career-related Programme courses.  The Department places a great emphasis on independent learning. In support of this, pupils can seek help through the tutorial system run by the Department throughout the School week.


Teaching in Years 7 and 8 is based on an individualised learning scheme. This allows pupils who have joined St Leonards from elsewhere to settle into the School’s systems and to work at a level and rate that is comfortable and confidence building. It also ensures a smooth transition for those continuing at St Leonards from the Junior years. In Year 9, pupils start GCSE courses with the intention of sitting the final exam in two or three years. The majority of pupils will sit the GCSE exam at the end of Year 11 at either Higher or Foundation level depending on their progress over the three years. Some pupils may be encouraged to follow an accelerated two-year course and sit the exam at the end of Year 10. Pupils who successfully complete their GCSE Maths in Year 10 will follow the IGCSE syllabus - along with those joining the School for the Pre-IB one-year course - and sit the exam at the end of Year 11.  It is felt that following the IGCSE syllabus will help prepare those pupils intending to follow the Higher Level and Standard Level IB Mathematics courses.

There are three IB Mathematics courses offered in the Sixth Form at St Leonards. The Higher Level course is taken by the best mathematics pupils. Higher Level pupils would be intending to follow mathematics, science, engineering and economics courses at university. The Standard Level course also requires sound mathematical skills as there is a certain overlap of topics taught with the Higher Level course, but in less detail. Pupils taking the Standard Level course might be intending to follow science, medicine or economics courses at university. The Maths Studies course is available to pupils whose main interests are in the arts or languages. The intention of these pupils would be to study social sciences, languages, drama or the arts at university. All three courses involve 80% external examinations and 20% coursework, which is also externally moderated.

Achievements add up!

Pupils are given the chance to take part in a range of national Mathematics competitions. In particular, students regularly enjoy success in the highly regarded UKMT (UK Mathematics Trust) Mathematical Challenges.

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Day Bus Service

St Leonards is pleased to offer a home to school day bus service for our families, with routes covering Fife, Tayside and Perthshire. More

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St Leonards offers Summer School Programmes specialising in English language tuition and multi-activities. Booking is now open for Summer 2023. More

Golf at St Leonards

St Leonards offers a leading six-tier Golf Programme, giving pupils every opportunity to grow their game in the home of golf, using top-of-the-range facilities and technology. More